How To Buy Art For Your Home

In this article we will cover the 5 Easy Steps for How To Buy Art For Your New Home and give you a few bonus tips as well.

So you finally have been able to buy that new home that you’ve been wanting for so long. You’ve closed the transaction, moved in and unpacked all your things. But now you’re sitting there staring at empty walls.   You had no idea how empty they could be until you sat on your sofa and looked at those huge walls.

Now you’re thinking to yourself I’ve got this great dream house, but I’ve never purchased art before.  How can I buy art that can make my house beautiful and lift my spirits for years on end?  Also you think how can I buy art that will allow others to enjoy this space as they come into it?

We know this process can seem a bit daunting, but take courage it can be overcome.  In this article will give you 5 easy steps for buying art that you will love for years and get a great price on your purchases while doing it.

1 Select Art That You Love

The number one most important characteristic of buying art that makes you and those around you happy for a very long time it is, you must buy art that you connect with emotionally.  Often times this type of connection comes from buying art that is depicting a place that you have had enjoyable memories of as a child or young adult.  Maybe you remember summers on the beach or great family camping experiences or hiking in nature.  All three of these scenes and many more varieties can be sources of connecting your emotions with actual scenes of art.

I have several examples from my work that do that for many people.

Split Rock Lighthouse

how to buy art for home Split Rock Lighthouse fine art images

The Split Rock Lighthouse north of Duluth is an iconic location in Minnesota with an incredible history. Many people travel to that location throughout their lives for family trips and adventures.  These trips often times create wonderful lifetime family memories.  So a beautiful image of the Split Rock Lighthouse can bring warm memories for years to come.

A Beach Scene

Many people in Minnesota and across the country love to go to the beach for the summer vacation.  The sounds of the beach provide rest and relaxation.  The sunrises and sunsets at the beach provide peace and tranquility for the mind and spirit.  Beautiful images from a beach remind of one of particular trips that they have had to the beach and could bring that piece of mind back again during trying times in life.

Carolina Beach Pier

How to buy art for your new house Carolina Beach Pier

Carolina Beach Pier 

Walk on the Beach at Sunrise

How to buy art for your new home Punta Cana Dominican Republic Photography

Punta Cana Dominican Republic Sunrise Walk on the Beach

An Autumn Scene

How to buy art for your new home Minnesota Autumn Beauty Visual Poetry

An Autumn Scene Helps to Produce Serenity

And autumn scene is naturally beautiful but it also reminds one of the transitions in life.  As we grow older we see some phases of life ending some phases beginning there might be moments of sheer as these stages change but then we realize that times of difficulty produced very rich times in our lives.  A gorgeous autumn scene encourages tranquility and also thoughtfulness.

2 Don’t Select Trendy Art

While trendy art might be compelling in the short term, It doesn’t provide fulfillment for the long term as we as humans mature and change. So be careful buying trendy art.  One thing to consider as you buy art is to buy art that was created in a more classical style using fine art techniques of composition and light etc.

Como Conservatory

How to buy art for your new home Como Conservatory Prints

Marjorie Mcneely Conservatory at Como Zoo 

This image of the Como Zoo and Conservatory might be an example of art that is modern yet classic in its style and composition.  It will be beautiful for generations to come.

3 See the Art On Your Walls

Fine Art America and its affiliate have an iPhone and Android app that actually lets you see art on your own walls before you buy it.  I know its crazy right?

Get the app here:

The app will help you view colors of the art and your house to help you see and determine if they are right. It will help you judge the right size for the image for your wall in your space.  It will help you decide if you should have a framed image or just a large canvas or a metal print or an acrylic print or one of many different finishes that you can select.

This truly is the easiest, quickest, most painless way to view art in your space and get an idea of what it’s really going to look like and how much you’re going to love it.

4 Be Protected with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Once you decide on your pieces of art you are going to buy, it’s great to know that you are completely safe and protected. You can now hang them on your walls and if you don’t absolutely love them you have a 30 day guarantee you can return any one or all of them for a full refund.  You are completely safe with absolutely no risk. And the most beautiful thing is, this is all done within the comfort and security of your own home.

5 Get up to 20% Off on Your Purchase Today!

So now you know how easy it is to select your art and you know that you’re completely protected in all of your purchases. Now the best part is to know if you buy today you can get up to 20% off on all of your purchases.

When you buy through my gallery here just enter this code KGZBAK at checkout and depending on the size of your purchase you can get up to 20% off the entire purchase.

Buy Now Here:

Enter Code  KGZBAK for up to a 20% discount

It really can’t get any easier, safer and cheaper than that.  I wish you all the best in your art buying endeavors.


I really want to hear about all your success stories as you fill your new house with wonderful fine art.

Leave comments here and send pictures of the art on your walls.  There is nothing better than an artist to seeing their art on happy client’s walls.

I am so glad I could help you along this path to filling your house with beauty, light and peace.  Please help me do the same with others by sharing this post with your friends that are looking to fill their house with beauty also.

Until next time, may you continue to be filled with light and peace.

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Until next time, get out and capture the adventure!!

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