3 Part Series How to Create Amazing Images

This is part 2 of our series on how to create amazing images. In this part will be we will be focusing on composition.

Composition Definition

Composition is basically trying to determine how to best place objects on a photograph for work of art.

It can also be thought of as the organization of the elements of art according to the principles of art.

This discussion of composition can then be broken down into three parts

  • Elements of design
  • Principles of organization
  • Compositional techniques

Getting a bit of an understanding of these three components can help you create more powerful, emotionally moving images. So let’s get going on building that understanding while looking at a couple of examples.

Elements of Design

When we are talking about elements of design what we mean here is lines and shapes whether they’re straight line or curved lines and how those might relate to one another. We also talk about color or black and white and how those decisions may affect an image.

Let’s take a look at lines first, whether they’re straight or curved. They don’t necessarily exist like a line drawing in nature but as you start looking more carefully, you will see shapes that are lined up and create a line whether their vertical or horizontal or diagonal your S shaped.

Series Creating Amazing Images ~ Part 2 Composition

Note all the lines in this picture.

  • Horizon line
  • Lines of the rays from the sun
  • Lines like vectors in the clouds emanating from the sun.

The low horizon here forces us to look probably first at that incredible sun and then out the lines in the clouds viewing that incredible sky.

Horizontal lines like in a nature landscape have a calming effect.

Series Creating Amazing Images ~ Part 2 Composition

While vertical lines give an illusion of height or grandeur.

Series Creating Amazing Images ~ Part 2 Composition

Curved lines are used to give a sense of flow or movement through an image.
Color and or black and white can vastly affect the mood of an image. Keep in mind this change of mood can be dependent on culture.

Principles of Organization

When we are talking about principles of organization we’re trying to describe how does the artist move the viewer through the image. What helps to move the viewer’s eye around the image. Are there certain tricks or techniques to do that?

There are many components of this larger principle but I want to focus you on two of them, namely balance and point of view.


The distribution of interest or visual weight in a work. If all the visually interesting elements of a work are centered in one spot, the work is off-balance and the viewer’s gaze will be stuck in one place, ignoring the rest of the piece. A balanced piece of work will have art elements arranged such that different areas draw the viewer’s eye around or through the whole piece. Some types of balance are symmetric, asymmetric, and radial.

Point of View

This whole component I really want to focus your attention on the position of the viewer of the image and how that can strongly influence the reaction to an image even if the subject is entirely unchanged.
In the photography world this is oftentimes determined by where you actually place the camera to capture the shot.

Compositional Techniques

When we discuss composition techniques we are talking about a group of rules that you try to abide by.  They help to make an image more interesting.  You have probably heard of the rule of thirds and it’s just one of several rules that in general make an image more interesting.  Yes they call these rules but keep in mind rules are meant to be broken so once you understand them, you can break them to your advantage and create even more powerful images.

Series Creating Amazing Images ~ Part 2 Composition

Shapes, colors and leading lines help a viewers eyes to move through an image keeping the eyes and brain fully stimulated


The rules or guidelines of this area are:

Rule of Thirds

Series Creating Amazing Images ~ Part 2 Composition

Basically whatever scene you’re looking at try to put the 2 vertical lines in the scene and two horizontal lines in the same part which will cut your image up in tonight try to place main focus on one of the intersecting points or at least on one of the lines

Rule of Odds

An odd number of elements in an image makes the image more interesting

Rule of Space

The rule of space helps to create motion in the image. For example if you had a picture of a runner you would want space in front of the runner.


Simplification helps your viewer to view or focus on the most important elements of the image. In general remove clutter.

Limiting Focus

Series Creating Amazing Images ~ Part 2 Composition

Limiting focus by using your f stop to create a narrow depth of field, you limit what is in focus which removes clutter which helps up simplify the image making the subject more dominant and more powerful.

Gometry and Symmetry

Series Creating Amazing Images ~ Part 2 Composition

Symmetry and triangles create an ethically pleasing shape. For example the perfect face has an equilateral triangle between the eyes and the mouth.  Also the Symmetry in architecture is oftentimes use to great effect.

Creating Movement

The human eye wants to roam around an image. You can use the techniques of size and shape them lines and color to help the eye roam in a more interesting way.

Series Creating Amazing Images ~ Part 2 Composition



By implementing these relatively simple rules you can rocket your photography to the next level. Remember first consider your type of subject, single subject close up or landscape. Then implement the particular rules for either type and bam, magic!!

If you have more questions on this topic or any other topic do not hesitate to ask. Post your comments and questions here or contact me directly via email or on any other social media network.

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How To Create Amazing Images Composition

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