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A great image tells a story. It can be a tragedy or a comedy, a drama or a farce, but like any great storyteller, a photographer has to be able to put you right in the middle of the action. You have to feel the wind on your face, smell the freshly cut grass, and taste the crisp apple on a cool autumn afternoon. That’s the power of an image. To be transported to a place, a fully formed, real place, one that you believe in and exists beyond the edges of the frame, that’s what separate a mere photo from a true work of art.

Art Prints Minneapolis - Minneapolis Stone Arch Bridge

Minneapolis Stone Arch Bridge

That’s why Wayne’s art prints of Minneapolis and their idiosyncratic quirks are so special. You can see in the image of the Stone Arch Bridge a stillness in the cool evening air. That stillness contrasts with the vibrancy of the city reflected on the water. Smears of color give way to the geometric exactness of the arches themselves. It is this juxtaposition, an exploration and perhaps celebration of almost contradicting forms, that gives the image it’s power.

Art Prints Minneapolis - frederick weisman art museum minneapolis

Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum

Next, consider the image of the Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum. Undoubtedly a display of architectural virtuosity, the image itself celebrates more than the simple form of a building. Look closely at the colors reflected in the lower panels of the building. These burnt hues bear the mark of a late afternoon sun dipping behind the skyline of Minneapolis. Indeed, even the heavy clouds portend the passage into night. This is an image of time. Certainly depicting a specific time of day, but it also stands as a meditation on the subtle ways in which the passage of time escapes our notice.

Art Prints Minneapolis - Spoonbridge and Cheery Walker Art Center

Spoonbridge and Cheery Walker Art Center

These are just a couple examples of Wayne’s Minneapolis art prints, which are easily some of the best work he’s ever done. They show an artist at the top of his form, exploring the subjects that matter most.

Art Prints Minneapolis - Minneapolis Skyline Lake Calhoun

Minneapolis Skyline from Lake Calhoun

You can find these and many more images at his online gallery. Order a print today for your home or office.

Images are also available to be licensed for most purposes. Contact Wayne for details.

Written by:
John VanOverbeke

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