In the ridges of the Porcupine Mountains, splitting the endless forest, rests a picture of natural serenity. Lake of the Clouds, the crown jewel of the Porcupine Mountains State Park and located in the upper peninsula of Michigan, is breath taking for any one lucky enough to experience it first hand. Lake of the Clouds Overlook is the most popular spot from which to view the area, and it’s easy to see why.

Lake of the Clouds in Autumn

Lake of the Clouds in Autumn

Spectacular in any season, Lake of the Clouds truly shines in autumn. When the rippling, rolling forests, captivating enough in hues of greens, begin the annual shift to gold, auburn, and maroon (yellow and orange for the unimaginative). The already dappled covering of the forest transforms into an impossible array of colors, all fluttering in the crisp fall air.
Then there’s the lake itself. Resting in the valley between two ridges of the Porcupine Mountains and fed by the Carp River, it seems to be like the glassy surface of a massive mirror facing up to the sky. Like some sort of crystal oasis in the ridges of burgundy and crimson.

Lake of the Clouds in Autumn Porcupine Mountains michigan

Every photograph captures but a moment, just a glimpse of the whole picture. In hundreds of years, all will remain as it is now. The leaves will turn brilliant colors again, and fall to the ground, some landing on the placid surface of the lake and some carried away by the river. Then the snow will come, blanketing the mountains and valleys. Spring will bring renewal, and with it the promise of new life.

Here in a valley in Michigan the entire process of life is displayed. It’s beauty, it’s timing, and it’s otherness, everything about the natural world that is so fascinating, is on display in this valley. In this Lake of the Clouds.

Written by:
John VanOverbeke

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