I’m sure there are many opinions about what the best Minneapolis skyline at night view is, and that’s fine there can be all kinds of opinions out there.  But I think there’s some great reasons as to why this particular view is actually the best.

Best #Minneapolis Skyline at Night

Best Minneapolis Skyline at Night

This view is from up in the top of the Marquette place Apartments on Marquette and Grant in Minneapolis.

The reasons why this is such a great view are:

Because of the Elevation

I believe marketplace is thirty six stories high so at that elevation you have such a great view of the city and all of its surrounding areas.  You can see everything down below you and all around you but you’re not in the middle of the city so you get a much better view of the unbelievably wonderful Minneapolis skyline.  Seriously just look at this baby.  You almost can’t believe this is your fair city, but alas it is in all its glory.   What a great city indeed.

Because of the Sunset

With the sun setting to the left and behind you in this image you get an amazing view of the sky changing colors as the evening moves on.  If there are some clouds you can see the orange, pink, purple and red lighting up the sky.  And then of course it is the amazing light shining on the buildings in the skyline transforming it into an amazing work of art. It is truly amazing!

Because You Can See Everything

From this incredible vantage point you can see Target Field, all the interesting great buildings like the Wells Fargo center, the old Foshay Tower.  You can see what used to be Mall of America field or the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome and what will be the spot for the incredible new football stadium. You can see to the Mississippi river and to the University of Minnesota.  Some people have commented you can see forever and it is almost true.

Best #Minneapolis skyline at night Target Field Twins Stadium

 Target Field / Twins Stadium

Imagine doing a time lapse photography series from this view.  You can catch the Sun going down and the clouds streaming by and the city lights coming on and the stars coming out.

Yes I would guess you will agree this is the Best Minneapolis Skyline at Night view in the entire city.  So now you better get out and capture it.  Be well and keep shooting!!

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